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Action & Advocacy

The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause.

Positions result from a process of study. Any given study, whether it be National, State, or Local, is thorough in its pursuit of facts and details. As the study progresses, a continuing discussion of pros and cons of each situation occurs. Prior to the results of the study being presented to the general membership, study committee members fashion consensus questions that are then addressed by the membership.

Additional discussion, pro and con, takes place as members (not part of the study committee) learn the scope of the study. After the members reach consensus, the board forms positions based on that consensus.

It is the consensus statement -- the statement resulting from the consensus questions -- that becomes a position. Firm action or advocacy can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action/advocacy cannot be taken.

LWV Greenwich Advocacy Positions

The Greenwich League maintains active advocacy on three issues: Greenwich Affordable Housing, Water Long Island Sound, and Improving the Effectiveness of the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting.

In past the LWV Greenwich has taken positions on the Ethics Policy for Town Employees; Board of Estimate and Taxation; the Executive Branch of the Town of Greenwich; the Town Budget Process; Greenwich Land Use Planning; Drinking Water Supply & Protection; Open Space Preservation; Property Acquisitions by the Town of Greenwich; Transportation Management; Waste Management; Social Policy - Greenwich Public Health Care Services.

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Survey Results of Support for Recommendations by RTM Members, May 2018

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Current Study

Capital Projects Study Update

The Capital Projects Study Committee was formed during the summer of 2019 after approval of the Study by the members of the LWV Greenwich at its Annual Meeting. Once the Committee determined a course of action, it formulated an extensive list of interview questions and interviewees. The Committee has met with all the Selectmen to inform them about the Study and ask for their ideas and help. All three were supportive and encouraging.

The Committee will meet with them on a regular basis to have an open exchange of information and ideas. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 situation has stalled our interviews.  We expect to pick up the pace as soon as possible.

Committee members include Jara Burnett, Debbie Appelbaum, Leslie Ashe Morrison, Katherine LeBalbo, and Adele Teitell. Cyndy Anderson is the Study Chairman.

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National & State League Positions

As a member of both the state and national League organizations, LWV Greenwich participates through its conventions in the selection of issues that merit focus.

LWV Greenwich retains its ability to focus on one, a few, or all of these issues. However, LWV Greenwich and other local Leagues do not speak against positions approved by the majority when meeting collectively.

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National League

Voting Rights
Other Issues

Running For Office

Looking to have a greater impact on your world? Have a point of view that you want to be considered in the decision-making process?

Don't just leave it to others.  No matter what your age, political affiliation, or background, consider running for office yourself.  The League has guidance to inform your personal civic journey.  Check out these Quick Links. 

How to Run for Office   l   Candidate Qualifications   l   Candidate Ballot Access

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